Many a skilled performer, alternative model, Mexican wrestler or persons of great presence and perculiarity have pranced about in front of PUMP's camera. Here are some of the marvelous things they want to shout about from their experience.
Artist, Performer
'Shooting with PUMP photography was a hi-octane adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed! Capturing wild angles, impossible movements and crazy colour contrasts, every shot was like a dream.'
Garry Vanderhorne
Director, Creator, Lucha Britannia, Resistance Gallery
'PUMP's photography has set a new global benchmark for how the world sees wrestling and performance in the visual arts. PUMP gets the shots others only dream of! I couldn't recommend PUMP enough!'
Cabaret , Producer, Performer
'PUMP really captured the event's spirit! What an amazing presence as well! PUMP became part of the team immediately and enhanced the ambiance immeasurably with infectious enthusiasm and good humour!!'
Cabaret , Producer, Performer
'It is always SUCH a pleasure working with PUMP, I can honestly say that the images are some of the very best I have ever seen. PUMP has a very special way of capturing the colours, theatre, lights and drama in every shot. PUMP is also very easy to work with, is very discreet which is important at a live show and turns around work very quickly.'
International creative director
Working with PUMP can only be described as ‘pumperliciouse!’ PUMP is dynamic, exciting and consummately professional. We have worked together a dozen or so times and PUMPer Bunny has never disappointed me with ideas, contribution and technical proficiency.
Cabaret & Fire Performer
'PUMP is my first choice whenever I need photography. The quality of work surpasses anything I have seen before! PUMP's meticulous attention to detail, planning, perspective and highly detailed editing, perfectly captures the true feel of any event.
Journalist, Editor, Producer
'PUMP Photography is always efficient, professional and good value for money when commissioned for jobs, and the archive he has at his disposal is top notch. Anyone who can ally being creative, professional and low maintenance is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend that people avail of PUMP's services.'
Artist, Director
'PUMP captured the intimate essence of our rehearsal with such personal depth, without distracting from the process, but still wonderfully capturing the actors emotions. PUMP delivered the exact high quality of images needed for my research and development when i'm explaining my personal vision for theatre and shows.'
Pro Wrestler, Stuntman, Producer
'PUMP is a very important and valued member of the Lucha Britannia team. I have never seen anyone capture the magic and the spectacle of wrestling photography better. The photographic service provided is easily equal in value to the wrestlers performing.'
Mime , Creature Performer
'It is always a complete and utter pleasure to work with PUMP. As a performer I very much appreciate the unique approach to photography and the results are always stunning!'
Producer, Performer, House of Burlesque
'PUMP captured so many of the "magic" moments of our London Wonderground show and really brought to life the colours and vibe of the live production in the pictures many thanks from House of Burlesque!'
Model, Makeup Stylist
'I loved my shoot with PUMP - the photos are some of my favourite of myself that I have! And who can beat that hat?!'
The Double R Club
'PUMP photography has taken many great photos at Double R Club events. PUMP produces high quality images that really capture the atmosphere at our evens. Respectful to audience and performers alike. PUMP is a pleasure to have as part of the team.'
Freerunner, Acrobatic performer
'PUMP is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining and friendly photographers I have ever worked with. A high quality work ethics and a real passion for collaborating with like minded people are two things that immediately come to mind when bearing PUMP in mind for any shoots.'
Alternative model
'PUMP had loads of great ideas that made all the images we created really awesome and original. PUMP is easy and fun to work with, gives strong direction and the photos I received from the shoot where fantastic. I highly recommend working with PUMP.'
MasterCard Priceless, London Museums
'PUMP's photographs totally captured the spirit of our MasterCard Priceless evening. They reflect the nature of the theme perfectly and showed huge variety so we have a great collection of images for all uses. PUMP is a pleasure to work with, always punctual and knowing exactly where and when to be so as to never miss anything.'
Ragemore Roberts
'PUMP is one of my favourite photographers to work with at an event. The photos are always so much fun and capture the feel and essence of the costume. Professional and not afraid to direct you into whatever pose makes the best shot, I cant wait to work with him again.'
Performance artist
'PUMP photography brilliantly captures crazy characters acting up, acting out, being expressive and being bold. Loads of fun to create work for and to work with, when you're a crazy character.'