PUMP Photography

PUMP only knows whats going on in PUMP's head! So below are a few questions that are often heard shouted above the pandemonium. 


Who is the pink rabbit?

The pink rabbit is PUMPer! He is the one shoving the camera in your face! Don't mix him up with any of the other polka dotted bunnies though, that will not end well.


How can I book you for a shoot?

Its stupidly simple, run to the top of the highes pile of filth you can find and scream PUMP untill your ear holes bleed!... or email or phone us, they all seem to work.


Where does PUMP travel to?

Anywhere and everywhere! Rabbit hole are fucking brilliant!


Why black and yellow?

Danger of cause! 


Do you always wear the mask? 

Mask? That's my actual sexy pink face? But sometimes it's fun to slap on a bit of  makeup and dress as a normal, incogneto is a great game to play! 


Who is the pink rabbit with her boobs out?

Are you talking about mother?


Is PUMP a Mexican wrestler?

No chance, it's tough enough just dodging those luchadores! 


Canon or Nikon?

Carrot or Nookie?


Can I take pictures for PUMP

Have you got a pink polka dotted head? If not, its still worth saying hello, who knows what might happen (and faces can always be painted).


Why are you called PUMP?

You have to get away with giving  Santeria a surprise wedgie before that gets divulged.


Can I be your assistant?

Do you know the difference between a carrot and a stick of dynamite? PUMP fucking doesn't!