So, this is what PUMP has been up to... what the hell were you doing?

April 06, 2016

Lucha Brittania, fire performers and women adorning latex are only some of the intriguing subjects of Alistair Veryard’s PUMP Photography. PUMP 999 is a one day photography exhibition celebrating the perplexing and the bizarre.


It will be the 999th day since PUMP Photography was conceived and thus PUMP 999 brings to the foreground the alluring London cabaret scene, the explosive world of Lucha Britannia and all the absurdly interesting characters in-between.


PUMP Photography brazenly invites you to dive into this mesmerising madness for a single evening of enjoyment and fun. Alongside the bold photography, you will also be entertained by performers that appear within these very pictures. Be dazzled by Marnie Scarlet, diva extraordinaire of the fetish cabaret scene. Be awed by the flaming hot, record breaking, fire wielding Snake Fervor. Of course, the evening would not be complete without Abnormalik, Heavy Metal Pete and Beatrix Carotta of the outlandish London cabaret scene. All this will be thrust upon your innocent eyes, finishing the evening off with the eloquent and explosive sound that is GayBum!


Prepare to be baffled at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green on 28 April 2016 from 19:00. Entry is FREE.


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